Your company has an incredible, but often untapped, asset.
That asset lies within the minds, memories and hearts of your people.
For only they can capture the often fascinating and very personal drama of your
company's foundation, growth and success. Yet all too often this record is
forgotten or ignored until few or none remain who can tell the story.

The importance of this corporate memory cannot be underestimated.
Formal records and balance sheets are filled with facts and figures,
but tell little of the flesh and blood issues behind key corporate decisions.

"When we saw what we had in the interviews, heard the laughter and the richness,
the stories of people who had dreams, took actions, made mistakes, and achieved successes,
we decided the time for the material was now. There is so much in the
spirit and the experience of the past that can be important to our future."

Ron Rhody, Vice President
Public Relations and Advertising
Kaiser Aluminum

Companies are people and we record a company's history through its people - the founders, builders, and pioneers of the organization. By interviewing your key people, we preserve the drama of your company's evolution before memories fade and the inspiration is lost. On their own, these in-depth interviews are a remarkable resource which chronicles your firm's development and defines your corporate culture. They can also be woven into a vivid and entertaining narrative which can be presented in a variety of formats. Human memory emerges, then, as the most potent source for the rich lore of a company's past.