History is something that happens while ordinary people go about their daily lives; all great historic events carry within them a multitude of human destinies. On a very real, human level, it is impossible to understand the past without the unique and intensely personal reminiscences of those who resonate with the evolutionary flow of history.

Conducting meaningful, poignant and relevant oral histories is an art form. Sharon Mercer, founder and president of Callisto, has dedicated nearly twenty years to perfecting this craft. She has listened to, and professionally recorded, the compelling stories of hundreds of men and women who shaped, and continue to shape, the lifeblood of North America. Through her work, voices that may have been lost to time, ring in the present. Coal miners, construction workers, city founders, inventors, captains of industry all have shared their laughter, stories, tears, knowledge and insights.

Formerly president of Oral History Associates, Sharon brings an experienced background in management consulting, finance, legislative analysis and journalism to her chosen profession. An accomplished blue water sailor, she has visited more than thirty countries around the world.

Passionate about her work, Sharon has written many award-winning publications. She is the author of the 465-page book Beating the Odds, A History of the Mannix Family in Business, which interweaves more than 20,000 pages of research with 300 oral histories and nearly 1,500 illustrations. She has also written, produced or directed numerous management studies, speeches, multimedia presentations and videos for law firms, universities, municipalities and corporations across North America.